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Hillhaven Condo: Living amidst the Nature-Enriched Legacy of Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok, fondly referred to as Bt Batok, is a serene suburban town nestled in District 23, in the West Region of Singapore. The tranquil neighbourhood of Hillhaven Condo is located in this verdant town, a location celebrated for its lush landscapes and tranquil atmosphere, making it a sanctuary for nature lovers. But the charm of Bt Batok extends beyond its natural beauty as it is also a realm rich with historical significance tracing back to the birth of Singapore.

The moniker “Bukit Batok” was derived from the area’s early settlers. In Malay, ‘Bukit’ signifies a ‘hill’, representing the terrain’s hilly topography. The term ‘Batok’ has various interpretations. Some argue it denotes ‘Cough’ reflecting the crisp air in the area leading to coughing, while others believe it encapsulates the unique echoes originating from the granite quarry.

Bukit Batok’s geographic contours are moulded by its neighbouring regions, namely Clementi, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Cashew, Bukit Timah, and Tengah. Its residential expanse sprawls across 1,104 ha, distributed into nine distinctive subzones: Hong Kah, Gombak, Bukit Batok South, Brickworks, Hillview, Guilin, Bukit Batok Central, Bukit Batok West, and Bukit Batok East.

Before transforming into a residential heartland, Bt Batok was an area cloaked in farmlands, forest reserves, and punctuated by villages, granite quarries, and manufacturing plants. In the 1950s, it was a manufacturing hub housing renowned industries like Hume Industries and Ford Motor Works.

Bt Batok’s narrative also integrates its dark wartime history during the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II. The area harboured military camps and internment sites where prisoners of war were enslaved for the construction of the infamous 415 km “Death Railway”, connecting Thailand to Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Post-war, the Bukit Batok quarry transformed from a site of economic activity to an environmental concern, which led to its transformation into the picturesque Bukit Batok Nature Park, a favourite recreational spot for local residents.

Initially, in the 1960s, Bt Batok was sparsely populated with inhabitants residing in provisional structures. However, the landscape of this housing estate took a revolutionary turn in the 1970s, with the development of a modern satellite town offering 1,872 flats to accommodate about 10,000 residents.

In 1981, the construction of Bukit Batok New Town embarked on a new phase, extending over 750 hectares of land, and further divided into four neighbourhoods. This HDB estate comprised 26,000 flats, providing homes to nearly 130,000 inhabitants.

As time unfolded, Bukit Batok underwent numerous transformations, maturing into a self-contained town that it is today. The establishment of Bukit Batok MRT stations marked a significant milestone, enhancing connectivity across Singapore. Additionally, the region has embraced a wide array of family-centric amenities, such as shopping centres, educational institutions, and parks, offering an ideal setting for a balanced and convenient lifestyle to Hillhaven Condo future residents.